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Countdown to ISD 2017

Internet Safety Day


What is Internet Safety Day?
Internet Safety Day or ISD is a day to create awareness about Internet and computer safety. Purposely chosen to coincide with millions of children and teens just getting back to school.

What can I do as a parent?
Download and read the free Parent Guide. Take this opportunity to sit with your child or teen at the computer for 30 minutes and learn about what they do online. If there are things you're not comfortable with then share your reservations. Talk to them about their ideas of safe Internet use and explain your expectations for their online behavior.

Make sure you use this time as a learning tool and show a legitimate interest. Listen to their ideas and insight because after all, they are experts about what they do online. Just showing an interest in what they do will go a long way. Even if they know more than you about computers they still need parental guidance and involvement.

What if I don't feel confident about the subject?
Please download the free Parent Guide (requires Adobe). It provides a brief summary on the most popular Internet activities among children and teens. In order for your discussion to be productive you don't need to be an expert but you must have a general awareness so you can ask the right questions and understand their answers.